Vicky Gardiner

Not quite Bowen related posts are going to be the theme of my posts over the next few days, they will be Holistic/Functional medicine related.
As many of you will know, my journey into this arena was sparked with keen interest to find alternative ways in which to help my Dad, who has Parkinson's disease, since 'traditional' methods offered (to put it bluntly) - no hope.
What I have discovered along the way has been illuminating to say the least and it has become my passion.
I do not believe that one way is better than another. What I do believe is that we must work towards an integrated system which offers the very best of all forms of therapy and medicine for all. Because they are all valid, and each of us deserve it.
Today's post is from Dr Gary Sharpe whom I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year. Having lived with Parkinson's disease for quite a number of years, and finding (like my dad) that traditional medicine was not serving his highest good, he embarked upon a journey, thinking outside the box, to find ways in which to help him get the better of this disease. His journey so far has been a true inspiration and I hope it will inspire others to do the same.

Bowen Therapy by Vicky Gardiner