Simon Clarke

Simon Clarke

I came across your website at a very opportune time - much of your research, information and experience corroborate my own. Many of the PD symptoms (before and after life hacks) you demonstrate in your videos bought a smile to my face, seeing someone else taking a proactive role and showing real progress. Thank you!

I was diagnosed with idiopathic PD at the age of 48. As you know- getting that diagnoses and prognosis ruined my day... and the rest of my life (or so I thought). I went through the various stage of grief and went on Meds with resignation to my fate.

However about 2 years after diagnoses, I had an epiphany (of sorts) and realised I no longer needed to be a victim as there must be some way of alleviating and/or slowing down progression. This led me to shiatsu, yoga, yin tuinna, mindfulness, meditation and to Zhineng QiGOng which I have been doing for the least 2.5 years with great success. During this time, I have searched the web relentlessly (PD trait!!) and come across some useful info..

However I think your website is one of the most comprehensive resources I have seen of all the information and practical, holistic guidance collated in one place. It’s a very useful place to start when looking for a way through PD that encourages the understanding and healing of the entire BodyMind system.

The last week I have been reading Norman Doige's book-the brains way of healing. Full of good information!