Julie Brown Sheil

Julie Brown Sheil

I really admire this man. Gary Sharpe is a Warrior in the fight against Parkinson’s Disease.

He has been tirelessly researching therapies and documenting their effects aloing the way so that others can witness how he is healing himself. He also shares them with the world so that others can benefit from them, too.

He has refused to let doctors convince him that there’s nothing that can be done to slow or reverse symptoms. He has refused to become a victim of, or defined by, his disease. The best part is, he’s winning. He’s improving his quality of life (and that of others).

I follow Gary because once I found out I had neurological disease from Post-Concussion Syndrome, I began researching ways to help myself. Even though I don’t have Parkinson’s, I do have a chronic disease and I have found all of Gary’s insights (listed below) to be true in my case as well. Doctors don’t know everything. Specialists only know their speciality. Doctors chase symptoms rather than chasing the cause of the symptoms. Patients who are intimately involved with their own healing do better. Patients who think outside the box can make some impactful discoveries, not only for themselves, but for others.

It’s a sad state of affairs that patients are left to navigate their own recovery and healing. But it can lead to some amazing discoveries.

Gary is the reason I started my Mind Matters Mondays posts. I want my journey to be able to help others, to make it a little less likely that someone will have to struggle to find answers or relief the way I have.

Thank you, Gary, for all that you do!