Jackie Potter

Jackie Potter I have twin girls aged 12, a husband who works long hours, limited family support but so fortunate to have amazing girlfriends who make me laugh (so very important as you have covered in previous articles Gary).
I could not agree with your more about stress affecting medication, movement and pain, i.e. increases the latter and makes the other two ineffective. I have had Parkinson's for 7 years and I have spent a considerable time getting rid of as much stress as I can control (I won't go into detail on the control aspects as we are all very different).
What has helped me and still does on a daily basis:
Doing the things I love, gardening, painting, craftwork - makes me happy;
For relaxation I use calming zen music, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises;
For exercise I cycle, walk and use a weighted hoop for stretching and hooping.
When I am in a stressful situation, I use Faster EFT and I get am immediate response which allows me to move normally again.
Nutrition is an area I am working on and I appreciate all the information you are sharing Gary, it really is keeping me motivated. I see a Neurological Consultant only once a year and a Parkinsons Nurse twice (to increase my meds) so fairly minimal support.
This forum is so helpful to so many. Sharing individual experiences allows us all to tap into information and as individuals we can choose to try various foods, exercise, stress tools etc. etc.
I hope that maybe one day we could organise a gathering of like minded people for a day or even better - a weekend where we could support each other in an environment open to sharing freely experiences and demonstrate many of the tools you have tested and commented on.
If I could turn the clock back Gary 2 years when I raised a lot of money on a charity walk, I would pledge the money to you because you are doing something Now, Today, this Minute and being brave enough to share your research, opinions, videos and be so inspiring.
Thank you, again and please don't give up! I too want to come off meds and I too strongly believe we can heal our bodies with the right ingredients of exercise, foods, practicing calming techniques and definitely surrounding yourself with positive, supportive and happy people. Thank you.