Fawad Bhatti

I hope you are doing well. I really appreciate the work you are doing for Parkinson's community. Sadly, my family had also been affected by Parkinson's disease, so I have been working on trying to make the lives of my family and millions of patients with the similar disease better.

Two years ago, I along with some friends started Trequant; a company to help tremor patients understand their tremorsdisease better by a wearable that monitors their tremor values, provides insights about the disease, and helps with understanding affects of medication.

In these two years, we competed at national and international level competitions and won 15 prestigious awards. And now, after much hard work, we have launched our product on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/trequantifier/trequant-first-wearable-for-tremors

Our aim is to change the lives of millions of tremor patients. And we need your help in achieving that.

We would really like if you could feature Trequant on your website, so we can reach tremor patients, and help them take back control.

Fawad Bhatti