Parkinson's Information Boards

As a Digital Media expert, I have always found value in Pinterest as a medium for collecting and sharing information on specific topics. Pinterest boards can be thought of as sections of a library. So when we started the Out-Thinking Parkinson's project, I had in mind that this would be a very useful way to start building information resources. In fact, I've been doing this in the background and these boards are now reaching a state of maturity. I'm hoping they will be useful to others. Indeed, I recently wrote an article about why information sharing is so important:

Why People with Parkinson's Should Share Their Stories.

So in this part of our resources section

I wanted to both highlight and share my work on creating Parkinson's Information Boards.

These Out-Thinking Parkinson's Pinterest Collections include a library where I'm gathering lots of Parkinson's related pins. I have set this up as a Group Board so that other people can join in and help me build this collection of information about the disease.

To join the board, follow the instruction on this pin:

Did you know there are a lot of published posts on LinkedIn about Parkinson's Disease too? Since many people affected by PD may not be so aware of these, I started collecting them too:

By the way, if you are on LinkedIn, so are we. We maintain a LinkedIn Page for Out-Thinking Parkinson's which you can follow:

Most of our readers find us through Facebook, which still seems to be the main place where People with Parkinson's source and share their information and stories. As such, I also started creating a board of quick links to PD related Facebook pages and groups:

If you have any thoughts about other Facebook pages/groups to add to this collection, please just drop me a note by adding the URL of your suggestions as comments on this pin:

There are also a lot of people who regularly share information on Twitter, so I started a board collecting these too:

Again, if you would like your own twitter account to be added to the list, please just leave your twitter handle as a comment on my own account's pin:

I hope you will make use of these resources and share them with others who might benefit too?

Would you like more information about how Pinterest could benefit your business, blog or cause? Perhaps I could help you get started or optimize your strategy? I can offer businesses and charities who are working to help People with Parkinson's discounts, and as I'm especially keen to help other PwP with PD myself, if you have PD or are a primary carer, I will be able to offer special deals to help you.