Movement Recovery with YoYo Stress Balls


Movement Recovery with YoYo Stress Balls


This 18 page e-guide download (PDF format) contains details of our movement recovery exercises which, with daily practice and dedication, can help people with Parkinson’s improve their movement, correct their stooped posture, free up stiff limbs and vertebra, remember the joy of moving (we recommend performing the exercises to music), relieve stress and fear and increase activity. Engaging with the concepts we present can hence improve overall quality of life.

While we originally developed these ideas for movement recovery with Parkinson’s in mind, we also believe that the concepts and demonstrations will be useful for other movement disorders and problems too. These are gentle techniques and therefore could also help older people keep mobile too.

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Table of Contents

1. Essential Techniques to Counteract Freezing

2. Ball Throwing for Symptom Relief

3. Mobilization of Neck and Lower Back

4. Standing Up from Sitting or Lying Down

5. Exercise While Sitting and Lying Down

6. Small Controlled Movement Exercises

7. Walking and Posture Improvement

8. Bringing the Hands Back into Play

9. Fall Prevention and Recovery

10. Arm Stretching Exercises

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