"Out-Thinking Parkinson's: The Journey" CROWDFUND


"Out-Thinking Parkinson's: The Journey" CROWDFUND


"Out-Thinking Parkinson’s: The Journey” is a compelling, inspirational and educational film, not only about the life changing effects of Parkinson’s Disease from an insiders perspective, but also the story of one man’s struggle to overcome a chronic illness against all the odds. It documents how Dr Gary Sharpe, together with his partner Deb Helfrich, simply cared enough to challenge every assumption, and went about gathering their own evidence. The Journey follows how, by using astute observation and simple strategies which can be used at home, they demonstrated the reversal of a supposedly degenerative disease.

“A shout out to Deb Helfrich and Gary Sharpe. Two individuals who have dared to be brave, dared to do the difficult, dared to make a difference and have epitomized the essence of being bigger than they are. And by doing so, they underscore the good in humanity and serve as beacons of hope and inspiration to us all. Thank you for all that your dare to do. Keep making a difference.*”

Pre-order now to help crowdfund the very time intensive completion by Gary himself of this documentary film, and help us to ensure its timely release. By contributing now you will be the first to receive the full film before it’s public release and also a bonus of a special 20 minute preview documentary to watch now [as an mp4 download] which follows Dr Gary Sharpe’s first steps on his inspirational road to recovery. This preview film covers the first two months of Gary’s journey, demonstrating that dramatic improvements in quality of life are possible in relatively short time.

“Gary is a shining example of someone not only taking responsibility and control of his own health and wellbeing, but also sharing so graciously with others. Please share.*"

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Created from the jigsaw of Dr Gary Sharpe’s “Out-Thinking Parkinson’s” video diary, the film includes many snippets never seen before. Gary has pieced these together to form an inspiring and informative narrative documentary, following his transformational progress and frequent set-backs, and giving a unique inside perspective of what it is like to live with Parkinson’s Disease. Join Gary on his Journey as he regains motion and emotion, and comes back to life.

“Thank you so much, Gary. You have a way with words that few people have. Thank you for expressing so clearly what Parkinson's people need. I don't think you know this but I'm one of your biggest fans. Thank you for enlightening all of us.*



"Trailer for "The Journey"

Gary’s shared journey is already helping people with Parkinson’s all over the world, and is also having wider impacts by inspiring and giving hope back to a large and diverse audience on social media, using his example to take back control of their own wellness.

“Gary I would like to send you a personal message but I can say this at least - exceptionally well done  - the whole thing - your effort. Diagnosed in 2012 at 56. Doing well. Love your work*”

* Quotes are taken from the Out-Thinking Parkinson's Testimonials Page.