Recovering Using Curiosity and Play


Recovering Using Curiosity and Play


The Special Issue on Recovering Using Curiosity and Play documents how Dr Gary Sharpe embraced exploring the ways his Parkinson's Diseased body could and could not move, and began to use balls, sticks and games to significantly reverse his symptoms and push back his Parkinsonisms.

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Out-Thinking Parkinson's is the story of how Gary, with very significant help from Deb, is slowly gaining control over the effects of a chronic disease years after being diagnosed and then prescribed medications which would otherwise have had disastrous long-term side-effects on his body and mind.

We hope this journey back to wellness may become a shared story.

The Out-Thinking Parkinson’s Digests are based on collections of articles previously published in various blogs by Gary and Deb, together with new material written especially for them. These works are collected here to present the Out-Thinking Parkinson’s Project as coherent stories, for others to follow and learn from. Our motivation is to provide guides which are much more accessible than the numerous scattered posts which form their core

They document the genuine progress of Gary, as he begins to think about the daily rigors of his Parkinson's in new and different ways and starts the process of rewiring his brain and reshaping his body. We include links to a series of videos which demonstrate unequivocally the noticeable improvements as the story unfolds.

Our hope is that these booklets will highlight how simple non-medical, non-surgical quality of life techniques, which can be practiced safely at home, can be used to very effectively control and even reverse the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

We believe they will form a treasure map for people diagnosed with PD and their primary carers. By following the steps which Gary and Deb took, we hope readers will find some gems of ideas to try for themselves. Most especially, we want to offer others a ray of hope that they too can find ways to regain movement and improve quality of life.

While our primary motivation in collating these into e-booklets is to help other people affected by Parkinson’s, the underlying themes, philosophies and results can benefit many other people suffering from other types of illnesses and help them too to find their own pathways of recovery back to wellness.

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