Out-Thinking for Life


Out-Thinking for Life


Lessons learned in the crucible of a chronic illness - inspirations and insights for living, loving and thinking better.

This is my new book, now available in paperback and e-book formats from Amazon, or as a printable PDF download from Out-Thinking Parkinson's:




Dr Gary Sharpe is a storyteller, who writes extensively about philosophies for living a better life. But it took a life-changing chronic illness, and its eventual acceptance, for him to become the person he is today. For most of his life, Gary had lived in fear and suffered from stressful modes of thinking, amplified by an unhealthy lifestyle and all-consuming ambition for his career.

These factors contributed to a diagnosis of Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease in 2009. He then spent a further 6 years in rapid decline of mental and physical health.

In mid-2015, Gary finally began to take responsibility for himself. At last, he was ready to unlearn the learned helplessness of his former life. He went to counselling sessions at the same time as turning to experts in wellbeing and positive thinking. He acquired the mind tools and understandings of how to live well.

Since then, Gary has been on a journey back to wellness and has spent the past year concentrating on recovering from his chronic illness.  He has iteratively reversed the emotional and physical symptoms and continues to improve in health.

Along the way, he shared his insights and the lesson he was learning through his writing, and suddenly found that he was inspiring thousands of people around the world to also start to make a difference in their own lives.

This book contains Gary’s philosophical and thought leadership writings on “Out-Thinking” the perils of modern life. The book is divided into five themes:


Home and Away

Love and Relationships

Health and Wellness

Lifestyle and Change

Emotional and Positive Mind-set

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“I needed to spend some time gathering my thoughts. Quite literally in my case - all this Music, Brain Fuel, Emoting, Moving, Creative Writing - and the resulting Neurological Rebooting - has made my mind explode with insights, intuitions and inspirations of late. 

What were once Lightbulb Moments have become Supernova Eternities! 

The trouble is, I have scattered them across my Online Universe, making them Singular Mysteries which only seekers will ever find. I needed collect these, my thoughts, to archive them in a new collection, where they become part of a larger narrative and where they might be discovered by other lonely souls too.”

Dr Gary Sharpe, January 2017

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